HalfWhistle is based in Richmond, VA.  Georgia Rogers Farmer is an actor, singer, cabaret artist and a domestic goddess!  To see more about Georgia, check out her website here.  Georgia makes custom bowties for any occasion.  She can use your fabric choice, buy fabric you're looking for OR pick out something especially for you!  Georgia works with you to make sure you're completely satisfied.  They are all self tie and adjustable.  Available in pre-tied, too!  Prices starting at $30.



Where may I purchase these?

Email Georgia for a custom look, or simply click here to shop.

How do I pay?

Easy - log in with your PayPal account or, for you young whipper-snappers, contact Georgia about using Venmo.

How much are shipping costs?

There is a $2 flat rate shipping fee applied to all orders.

May I order in bulk for a wedding, choir, etc.?

Yes!  Just contact Georgia regarding how many bowties you need, etc. and a bulk price will be determined.

What if I want a custom bowtie that's not shown?

Simply contact Georgia and you two can work together to create something special! She can get an idea of what you want and purchase the fabric, or you can use your own fabric!  The possibilities are endless.  :  )

How long will it be before I receive my item?

Creating and shipping times vary.  Once the details of your order are finalized, a receiving date can be determined.


Why "HalfWhistle"?

Her shop is named in memory of her Daddy, George Rogers.  He would work around the house, shuffle down the hall "half whistling" (it's between a whistle and a whisper). Georgia misses him badly!